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  • Can we change our minds about where we want to go?

    We want your event to be perfect, so we do our best to be flexible. If you want to make unplanned stops or go to different destinations than were previously planned, we will accommodate you. Just let the driver know as soon as possible, and he will do his best to re-route. Understand that while our drivers know the area well, they may not be familiar with your new location unless they know about it ahead of time, so please be patient if it takes them a few minutes to map out their change in route.

  • Is alcohol allowed on the vehicle?

    Absolutely! As long as everyone is of legal drinking age, you are more than welcome to have alcohol on the party bus or limousine. Keep in mind that we are not able to provide alcohol, so you would have to bring your own.

  • Is smoking allowed on the vehicle?

    In order to keep the vehicles up to our highest standards and ensure the comfort of all of our passengers, we unfortunately cannot allow you to smoke on our vehicles. However, we understand that if you are on a party bus or limo for hours at a time, you will probably need a cigarette break every once in awhile. If that should happen, just let the driver know, and he will pull over as soon as he is safely able to so you can step outside.

  • Do we need to bring ice and cups?

    Nope! In our efforts to think of all of the "little things" we gladly provide ice, cups, and napkins to your rental experience for your convenience.

  • Is a party bus right for me, or should I choose a limo instead?

    Party buses are ideal if you want to be able to get up, dance, and move around. They are great for birthdays, bachelor and bachelorette parties, a night out on the town, and more! If you’re ready for a wild time, choose a party bus. If your event is more of a subdued or formal occasion and you don’t anticipate wanting to move around, a limousine will work well. They have a classier vibe to them and are great for weddings and proms. However, no matter what your occasion, we are confident you will have a good time on our vehicles.

  • What happens if it is our scheduled drop off time and we aren’t home yet?

    Don’t worry! The driver won’t leave you on the side of the road. However, if you go over the time that you have been billed for, you will incur an overage fee. Be sure to ask how overage fees would work for your specific vehicle when you make your reservation or at the beginning of your run. That way you are aware of what you would be paying if you go over and can plan accordingly. Overage fees are typically collected in cash at the end of the night.

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