How to Pick a Wedding Venue in Phoenix

Many congratulations to you, you've just announced your engagement, and you plan to be married sometime in the future! While this is a marvellously exciting time for you, we must burst your bubble somewhat, and remind you of all the labor and attention to detail it requires to have the dream wedding you deserve to be a success! You will definitely want to set a date, depending on your work schedule, you will want to allow yourself one to two years worth of planning time. Once you have the date of the gala, the next step is to find the right venues for your ceremony and reception. Phoenix is chocked full of wonderful venues, you will have no issue finding the right ones for the wedding you have envisioned. Here are some tips to guide you on the path to the right venue.

You will want to have a rough idea of the style you wish to have for your wedding as it will help narrow your search for a venue. If you are not a very creative person, sticking with the traditional route is always a good way to go, and will open up your options for potential suitors. The aspect you will want to focus on is how well the ceremony venue correlates with the reception venue. In other words, if your wedding ceremony is being held at the Sistine Chapel, you will not want to book your reception at a remote country tavern jammed to capacity with lumberjacks.

Settle on style, and then start your search. Gather recommendations from friends, family, and colleagues that you trust. You should also search through online wedding directories in addition to Google. You should focus on venues that cater their business towards weddings. These venues are already prepared for the demands and rigours of weddings, and will be easier to coordinate with. You can trust that these venues have full access for disabled peoples, and will have backup facilities if it is an outside venue. It is your responsibility as a host to make sure your guests are comfortable. So, for example, you have your wedding reception in an elaborate tree house, invite guests that are comfortable climbing heights to support this important life decision you are making. Having a rough estimate for a guest count would be extremely helpful to you in your search for a venue.

Once you have about fifteen venues you are interested in as candidates, reach out and schedule an in person interview with the venue coordinator or supervisor. The coordinator may be what seals the deal on a location, so make sure you get along with this person, because they will be the one you rely on all the way up until after your wedding is over. They should be honest, diplomatic, courteous, and organized. Share your ideas with the coordinator, and gauge the way they respond to them. They should make suggestions, and let you know if there are any weaknesses in the venue that might not be able to meet a certain aspect of your vision. During your interview, you should cover whether or not the venue offers in-house rentals, and if they have a preferred or required vendor list.

When you leave each interview, you should have the candidate print you up a sample invoice on what they may charge you for. Compare the costs of each candidate, and the qualities of the packages they offer. It is always wise to have a refundable check to help secure your reservation if you find a venue you absolutely adore early on in the search. No matter how early in the process you may find a venue, it is always a good idea to shop around until you are cemented in your decision. Once you make the choice, draw up a contract with the coordinator, and place a deposit on their services. Now that you have your venues booked, you should get working on your floral arrangements, catering, and entertainment!

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