Picking a Wedding Tuxedo in Phoenix

If you are nervous about choosing your tuxedo for your wedding, or do not know where to start, relax! We built this guide to help you understand how to look great in a tuxedo. Follow the simple steps and your sure to look charming next to your future spouse. The important steps are making sure the suit fits well, dress for your body type, wear the suit properly, choose the right accessories, have your suit pressed and steamed, and be well groomed.

When it comes to your tuxedo, fit is key! Consider the following when purchasing or renting a suit. Your jacket should fit well and give you a full range of motion both buttoned and unbuttoned, you should be able to fit one finger between the collar of your shirt and your neck. The shirt cuffs should not slide up when you stretch your arms, as this means the suit is too small. Your vest should button comfortably and fall just below the waist band of your pants. Not having the right size suit can make the best suit look awful.

Dress for your body type. If you're a shorter person, stick to single breasted jackets. A double breasted jacket can make it appear as if your drowning in fabric and make you look smaller. If you're bigger in the waist, wear a low buttoning jacket. The formal wear shop will be able to advise you on what type of suit will best fit your body shape. Take their advice. They are professionals, and they know what looks good, but don’t feel pressured into choosing a tuxedo you do not like.

Wear the suit properly! Buttons all the buttons on your dress shirt. If you're unsure if you're wearing the suit properly, simply ask. A good formal wear store will make sure the suit not only fits but show you how to wear it properly. Picking the right accessories is also key. You should talk to your spouse to make sure your accessories don’t over power their attire. Pick comfortable stylish shoes. The formal wear store probably has shoes and can advise you on they type of shoes that will best match your tuxedo. Before you pick up your suit, make sure it's steamed and pressed! Nothing looks worse then a wrinkled suit! Last but not least, be well groomed! Take a shower, shave, make sure your hair is cut, clip your nails, remember, it's your wedding day and you want to look nice.

Finding a suit that best fits your body and style preferences can be hard. If you follow the step in the guide, you shouldn’t have any issues. Enjoy your wedding day, dressed to impress. Keep in mind, buying a suit will be more costly then renting one. If you attend more than three formal events in a year, buying one is probably the best way to go. Phoenix has various formal wear shops for you to choose from weather your looking to rent or buy.