Picking a Wedding Photographer in Phoenix

The night of your wedding can fly by so quickly, that it is impossible to catch every special moment while you are trying to entertain guests, and well, enjoy your wedding. This is why during the planning process, so many couples put an emphasis on hiring the right photographer to capture all the moments you miss. Some people try to save money in regards to hiring a photographer, but remember, you do get what you pay for. Fortunately, the Phoenix area offers a plethora of photographers, especially professional wedding photographers. It will not take you long to find the right one, but it requires a certain amount of legwork and research. Here are some tips to help you capture the right candidate.

The first step is to settle on a style for your wedding before you begin your search, so do some research on the subject. You will find that the more common styles employed for weddings is portraiture and documentary. With the portraiture approach, the photographer shoots more posed shots featuring backdrops or prearranged locations. For example, the bride and groom posed under a beautiful white wedding gazebo. The documentary style features more dramatic shots, the people within each picture will most likely not be looking directly at the camera. You may find that hiring two photographers to get the best of both styles is a good idea, especially if you want a truly mesmerizing photo album.

Once you are settled on style, go ahead and start getting recommendations from your family and friends. You should also search Google and any relevant online wedding directories. Go through, and check their individual websites, especially if they do not have any information listed on the directory websites (most professional photographers or photography companies do, so don't worry too much about that). You should read any reviews and bridal testimonials that are available online as well as scouring their galleries. It is important to ask for a complete gallery from one full wedding shoot during your first interview with any of the photographers on your list.

The next step once you have your candidates in mind is to start scheduling interviews with each one. Ask each candidate if they are available on the day you have scheduled your wedding, or if they have a backup in case of emergency. Ask if the candidate is familiar with your venue, and if they would be willing to visit the site with you to get an idea of the best location for shots. Inquire into the production process of your photographs post-wedding, and ask about the intricacies of the photograph rights. Ask if the photographer is willing to work overtime, and how many breaks they would need during the entire ceremony. You should become personally acquainted with your photographer as this helps them understand your sensibilities more, and will translate in better quality shots. The candidate should be courteous, respectful, and dedicated, they should not annoy you at all because they surely will end up annoying your guests while they badger them for pictures.

The last thing you will want to cover is the cost, make sure you compare packages and prices between candidates. Once you have made your choice, get everything in writing, and sign a contract with the photographer. Remember to keep in touch, and give them all the relevant contact information they need, such as the venue coordinator's phone number and email. If you have done your due diligence in your search, you should have no anxiety about the product your photographer delivers to you, just like the rest of your wedding, it will be absolutely phenomenally executed.