How to Pick a Wedding Officiant in Phoenix

When planning your wedding, don't forget about your ceremony. It is an easy thing to do because most people put a lot of thought and effort into the food and drink and entertainment at the reception. And this is understandable, but again, don't forget about the reason for the event in the first place. You are going to be saying the most important words you have ever uttered at the ceremony and you will be lead by someone. Who that someone is will make or break your ceremony. So, you will want to look around the Phoenix area and meet with some officiant candidates in order to discuss what you want, what they require, and hopefully find the perfect person to perform your ceremony. Below, we have provided a brief guide which outlines issues you will want to discuss with each potential officiant.

You can start your discussion by talking about any pre-wedding requirements. Ask the officiant if they require you to participate in any premarital counseling. Some do and some don't. Even if they do not require it, some couples feel that it is advantageous if it helps their relationship in the long run. Of course, you will want to make sure that the officiant has your wedding date open on their schedule. Find out if they will be available to attend your rehearsal. We highly recommend this because it is a dry run through and gets everyone on the same page. Make this a priority if at all possible.

Talk about the order of events and what has been included in previous weddings that they have been a part of. Are they wedded to certain events always being a part of any wedding they perform? How flexible are they in terms of the program? If you and your fiance have your own ideas about what you want included, make sure you bring those up now and see if the candidate is open to those being incorporated into the ceremony. For instance, maybe you are really partial to a certain religious verse or song or even a reading of some sort. Make sure that this is something that they will go along with. Ask them for their suggestions. What have they seen or been a part of in the past that really seems to have been a hit with couples and their guests.

There is nothing wrong with bringing up what the officiant usually wears to a wedding that they perform. If you really care about how your photographs appear or the formality of your wedding ceremony, this is a great time to bring this issue up and see if they are willing to wear something that would be more in line with what you want for your wedding look. Also, bring up your venue. Some officiants can only perform a wedding at certain locations like a house of worship so you need to find that out right now. In addition, if you are having your ceremony in a house of worship, do they allow flash photography? Will the officiant allow a microphone to be placed on their person? After you have all of this pertinent information gathered, you will finally want to ask what their fee is. When is it due by? Do you have to put down a deposit? All of this great information should lead you to one candidate in particular that you feel good about.

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