Phoenix Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the most important invitations that you will ever send. With that in mind, you want them to reflect your style and the theme of your wedding. You also want them to exude professionalism and quality. After all, this is your announcement to the world that you are preparing for the most important day in your life and that you have found your true love. This is something to be heralded and given its proper due. It is not something that you want to try and tackle yourself. You need to find a professional designer. So, when you start searching throughout the Phoenix area, you will want to find out some very important information from any potential wedding invitation designer that you talk to. Then, you can make a hire based on knowledge.

The first question you should always ask any potential invitation designer is how long they have been in business. There is no substitute for experience. It doesn't matter what business you are in, the more you do something, the better you become. So, we recommend that you not entrust your invitation design to someone who is fresh out of graphic design school. Feel free to ask them about their design background. It is great if a potential candidate has a design degree, but that is certainly not a requirement in order to have someone create something that you will be very satisfied with. You want to look at their portfolio and look at their ability. If their designs speak to you, put a star by their name.

There are a number of different printing processes available and you will want to find out which ones the designer uses. Have the candidate explain to you flat printed, letterpress, thermography, and foil-stamping and have a talk about which one you prefer. They print in-house or do they outsource all of their printing. As long as you are doing this well ahead of time, either way should be acceptable. Although, outsourcing is usually less expensive. In terms of design, find out if they offer custom designs and templates. More than likely, they offer both. Of course, customized designs are usually going to cost you more, but this is something you can discuss with your candidate.

What are your options in terms of color, paper type, ink and fonts? Based on your wedding theme and color scheme, you will want to pick their brain and see if they have thoughts about this. Another item to discuss id what kind of discount you can receive if you order all of your printing needs through the same designer. We feel that this is a great idea because you will have a consistent feel throughout all of your printed items which really comes off as professional. Based on how many pieces your invitations include, do they offer assembly services? What is their turnaround time? You will also want to find out about addressing services. Do they offer calligraphy in addition to digital printing? We know this is a lot of information to take in, but in the end, you will be happy that you took the time to find a professional who will create an amazing invitation that you will be proud of.