How to Find a Wedding DJ in Phoenix

The crux of any great wedding is the entertainment you book for the night, which is why you will want to spend a great deal of time and effort on selecting the right form of entertainment for your needs. Some couples have a specific atmosphere they want to produce for their wedding, so they elect to hire a professional wedding band over a wedding disc-jockey. Both options should be able to handle whatever emcee or announcement duties you ask of them, but don't assume that they will do these duties by default. Most couples go with booking a disc-jockey for the occasion as budgets can be tight, and DJ's are absolutely less of a hassle to coordinate with. If you are sure you will require a DJ for your wedding, it will take some time to find the right candidate, but don't worry, the Phoenix area has an abundance of professional disc-jockeys. Here is a short guide to help you in your search.

Start off by asking your friends and family for their recommendations. Search Google and any online wedding directories. Try narrowing your search to professional wedding disc-jockeys. There is nothing against using a night club DJ, or a DJ with a different field of experience, but they will need to be trained in the way weddings proceed. The key is to find a disc-jockey with PLENTY of experience, and is a PROFESSIONAL. Your twenty year old nephew with the Beats by Dre headphones around his neck and MacBook may have a great taste in music, and may be more than sufficient in the field of yelling incomprehensible babble over a microphone at your party guests, but think of your grandparents. Think of the children! While you are searching online for a DJ other than your nephew, it is a good idea to look at their videos they have posted and see if they have any gigs booked that you are available to go to (ex. You wouldn't be able to go to a wedding they have booked, because it is rude to crash a stranger's wedding party).

Have about three candidates in mind, and start reaching out to them for an in-person interview. You will want to ask them plenty of questions during this interview, some more personal while the rest pertain to business and logistics. A good question to start off with is: why did the candidate become a DJ? It goes without saying that the best professional disc-jockeys have an innate passion for music that even the biggest audiophiles would find it a challenge to match their love for it. Ask them what their DJ style is, and how they handle the crowd? How much control do they want over your playlist? Hint, they should exercise plenty of leeway with your song demands, or they should not be your candidate any longer. Ask for pictures of their set-up, because no one wants shameless self promotion or anything commercial related at their wedding. Ask them about the condition of their equipment and how much knowledge they have with it. Professional disc-jockeys have functional equipment that they can adapt to any situation within reason. Ask the candidate if they have worked the venue of your reception before, and if they have not, ask them if they would be willing to familiarize themselves with the location. You will also want to pass the contact information of the venue coordinator to them.

Before you make your final decision, compare pricing packages between candidates. Some may have extra demands that you will want to have written into the final contract. Once you make your choice, write up a contract, have both parties sign, and place your deposit. Make sure to touch base with the DJ regularly after you book them just to instill a sense of loyalty to you. Don't worry, if you did your due diligence, your DJ should have you and your guests jumping and jiving the night away to the rhythm of love!

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