How to Pick a Wedding Caterer in Phoenix

All of your wedding plans seem to be coming at you all at once. And they all seem extremely important. But there are levels of importance and on the scale of what to make sure and get right, hiring an awesome caterer racks right up near the top. While all of your family and friends are very happy to be there and listen to you and your fiance say your vows to each other, if you feed them well, they will leave with a smile on their faces saying it was one of the best weddings that they have ever been to. So, how do you hire a professional caterer that will bring an amazing level of deliciousness to your reception? Well, first of all, the Phoenix area is no stranger to great caterers so there are plenty around for you to consider. Here are some questions that you will want to make sure and ask any potential caterer that you interview.

When you meet any potential caterer, make sure that you know the number of guests who will be attending your wedding and your budget number that you have set. Ask them, based on your budget and number of guests, what they would recommend? Do they have a certain cuisine that they specialize in? Will that cuisine fit within your budget? Can you work in a favorite appetizer? You will want to go over their preset menus and see what can be done.

Find out if they have any other weddings that they will be working on your date. This is a dicey arena because you want to make sure that your caterer is going to give you ample attention. Find out how many employees they would have at your wedding and determine if that is going to be sufficient. If you are sharing staff with another wedding, you don't want to be given short shrift. Make sure that they have a license which allow them to be in business per the health department. Also, do they have liability insurance. These are both very important issues you want to be sure of or you could be liable if something goes wrong.

Does the caterer offer both a buffet style and a sit down setup? If so, find out how the cost per person would vary. Does the cost-per-person include everything? You will want to be clear about this upfront. Some caterers consider items like staff, linens, and rentals to be extra. Make sure that they list out every charge so you understand what you are paying for. Also, find out what extra services or products they might offer. For instance, will they provide glasses, dinnerware, tables, chairs, etc. This might come in handy in case they can provide these items for less money than say your venue.

Ask who will be onsite the day of your wedding and make sure that you will be able to meet them before your wedding day. Of course, you will want to talk about alcohol. Do you have to purchase from them or can you bring in your own? Will they provide a bartender? What about kid friendly meals? Once you have gathered all of this information from a number of potential caterers, compare them and make a decision based on your wants. When you have made a choice, have them write up a contract based on all of your details. When you are satisfied with what is in the contract, you can sign and move forward with your wedding plans.

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