How to Find a Wedding Cake in Phoenix

When it comes to planning a wedding, no aspect is sweeter than choosing the cake you have been dreaming of. Unlike the complexity and meticulousness required for booking venues or selecting arrangements, choosing a cake is not much more difficult than what your taste buds like and what looks nice next to your floral arrangements. The aspects which are most complicated regarding the cake is finding the right bakery who is suitable for your personal needs. Phoenix is positively teeming with fantastic bakeries, you will have no problem finding the right one as long as you are thorough. Here are some tips to get you on your way.

The first tip is to choose a style or theme you wish to have for your cake. You should have your venue and florist booked by this stage, if not your cake may not end up looking as perfect as it should. The cake should correlate well with the size of the room, the d├ęcor of the room, and your floral arrangements. Begin researching cake styles as well as toppings and frosting types. Cake designers can craft a cake that will test the upper limits of your imagination, so do not worry too much about that regard. Save pictures of cakes that strike your fancy, or start a wedding board on your Pinterest app, and share the URL later with the baker. The two most common types of frosting are fondant and buttercream. Fondant is a sugardough, firm type of frosting that gives the cake a surreal perfect smooth look. Buttercream comes in all sorts of flavors, and is better for making designs. Most bakers use both frosting types to give the perfect combination of aesthetic and flavor.

Now you may be ready to go out and start sampling some bakeries. You will want to start with your friends and family's recommendations, try to focus on bakeries that specialize in weddings. Quite simply, your favorite local town bakery might be awesome for a carton of donuts, but they probably will not be capable of servicing your wedding. Go online, search any wedding directory websites or Google for bakeries that are highly rated, and have plenty of web presence. Go to their individual sites, and read reviews or bridal testimonials. Be thorough, look through pictures, and remain cautious for bakeries that look too good to be true. Once you have about five bakeries in mind, write down their information, and start setting up interviews with them.

During your interviews, you will want to scope out their shop. If there shop is a mess or cluttered, you may want to consider a different candidate. Presentation is not everything, but it is important if the manager does not want people who are turned off immediately by a lack of organization to walk out the door immediately upon laying eyes on their shop. You will want to share your ideas, and any pictures you have with the baker. You should establish a personal connection with this baker, and make sure you get their contact information. It is important for them to understand your personality and style. Ask plenty of questions regarding the logistics and preparation of the cake. Ask if the baker is familiar with the venue location, and pass on your florist's information to them.

The last thing you will want to cover in your interview is cost. Cakes generally are price from $4 to about $12, the price varies from the quality and type of ingredients required for the cake. There is plenty of overhead costs, so a deposit will be necessary to get the ball rolling on your cake. Try to have your baker booked around a half year before your wedding day. Once you have made your choice and compared prices between bakeries, write up a contract, and have your baker sign it. On your wedding night, don't forget to have a slice, it should be delicious as long as you put in a good effort!

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