Picking a Wedding Band in Phoenix

One of the most important aspects of planning a wedding is choosing the right entertainment for the reception. The two most common forms of wedding entertainment are disc-jockeys and live bands. While some couples elect to book a disc-jockey to provide music and entertainment for the night, others go the route of the live band. Both choices have their own perks and detractors. A disc-jockey will cost less and be less of a hassle to coordinate with in general, but they simply are not able to replicate the atmosphere and ambiance a great professional wedding band produces. If you require a specific atmosphere, you will want to go with a live band, especially if you can manage the cost into your budget. Finding the right band for your desires may not be easy, but don't fret, Phoenix offers many professional wedding bands of which one of them will surely be able to get your wedding grooving. Here are some tips to help you in your search.

Our first tip is to focus your search on professional bands that service weddings primarily, or better yet, exclusively, especially if you are having a traditional wedding. These bands will already have experience with the way weddings proceed and will know how to handle issues such as delays and conflicts. It is not inadvisable to book a band with a different field of entertainment experience, but a pub or concert band is better apt at producing an atmosphere that may clash with the low key environment of a traditional wedding. As a rule of thumb, book entertainment that you know your guests will be comfortable and want to engage with.

The second tip is to start by asking your friends and family for their recommendations, especially those who have recently tied the knot. It is also advisable to ascertain the suggestion of the venue coordinator. Some venues have a required or preferred vendor list, so be sure to correspond with the coordinator in this regard. You should also search Google, and in particular, any online wedding directories you find. Read through reviews and bridal testimonials, and scour through videos and any other information. The band should have a decent web presence, and should tout their experience and customer satisfaction.

Once you have a handful of candidates, start calling them to schedule an interview. You may have to correspond through a booking agent initially, it is important to ask for the personal contact information of the bandleader because the booking agent will not be involved in anything other than booking the band. You will want to become personally acquainted with the bandleader, in order for the band to be capable of producing the specific atmosphere you desire, they need to understand your personality and style. In this regard, communication is absolutely essential.

You should have plenty of questions prepared for the bandleader for your interview. You will want to cover how long the band plays for, and how many breaks they will need. You should also ask the bandleader if they have played your venue before, and if they haven't, if they would be willing to visit it to familiarize themselves with the technical qualities of the location. Inquire about the band's backup plan in case of emergency, some bands may have extra standby members or a different band that can step in their stead.

Once you get some of the big nuances out of the way, you will want to cover the cost and demands of the band. Some bands outline in their demands a separate room for breaks and preparation, some require to be fed. Out of courtesy, you should plan on feeding the band, and a separate space will only ensure that the band will play with better quality. Once you've done some cost comparisons between options, make your final decision, and work out a contract outlining every single minute detail with the band, and place a deposit of up to fifty percent of the total value of services. The rest of the balance you should pay out on during the night of your wedding, ideally on one of their middle or later breaks. This will give them the peace of mind that they do not have to struggle for the rest of the balance at the end of the event, and they will have the assurance that you like their performance so far! Remember to keep in touch with the band every month. Once all the booking is handled, you can move onto the next stage of planning with the confidence your band will be making you twist and shout the night away with bliss!